Protect Yourself from IRS Imposters

It seems criminals never tire of finding new ways to access personal data and exploit it, deceiving unsuspecting consumers and taxpayers. Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues warnings and articles on their website updating folks about current tax scams and consumer alerts. This year is no different. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a warning to tax preparers and taxpayers about a new scam that has hit the tax landscape this week.

According to the Tap Pro Today website, The new scam uses malware-infected emails to gain access to taxpayer data. That data is then exploited by way of fraudulent communication from criminals posing as IRS entities and affiliates.

What is a Taxpayer to do?

The best way to protect yourself this season is to scrutinize every email you receive, being careful not to open and click links on emails from unknown senders. If you are approached by an entity claiming they are from the IRS or an organization affiliated with the IRS, the best course of action is to call the IRS directly via contact information furnished on their website. Most taxpayers can also use online tools to access their accounts and/or manage communications with the IRS.

What About Tax Preparers?

Tax Preparers are not exempt from this warning and are also the target of this new scam as they typically possess sensitive taxpayer data through their tax preparation software. The best way for Tax Preparers to remain unscathed from such threats is the same as taxpayers. Scrutinize and verify the validity of all email communications and ensure direct contact with the IRS by using contact information published on the IRS website. At Stars and Stripe Tax Service, we take customer security very seriously. We do everything possible to protect the data for our customers. If you have questions about your tax account or need assistance with contacting the IRS, we are here for you! You can count on Stars and Stripes Tax Service when you need help navigating the tax landscape!